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A walk, 2 buses and a car journey later - we made it!

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

So after saying our goodbyes this afternoon, we hopped on a bus to Central Station in Kitchener. With an hour to kill and an unfinished video on the editor, we continued working on our first video on the bus.

Thankfully our drivers today were nothing but helpful and friendly which made for a great start to our trip to Kleinburg. Once at the station, we scrambled around for a short while trying to gather enough small change for the next bus (lesson number 1 from last week!) and attempting to decipher the exact location of our next bus stop.

Yet again we were struck by the kindness of a stranger, who generously gave us her bus pass to ensure we could ride the bus if they didn’t accept onboard payments.

One hour later we made it to Bramalea where we were met by our new hosts, Angela and John. They too have taken us under their wing for the week and we are so grateful for their hospitality. 9 months ago we sat in my kitchen Skyping Angela about the prospect of this trip and the possibility of meeting up with her to see what she does with milkbags. Now we are sat in her lovely home where she was back then during that phone call and we have a full itinerary for the week. It’s moments like these where we really realise just how far we have already come on this journey.

Ever wondered how best to put a use to discarded plastic milkbags? Stay tuned to find out...