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Day 1: We made it to Canada!

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Glasgow - Toronto, Toronto - Elmira. 13 hours after boarding we successfully made it to our home for the week, where we are being hosted by generous family friends who are taking us under their wing for the beginning of the trip. The journey was smooth and we managed to catch all of our bus connections despite some delays at the airport. 2 grumpy bus drivers were thankfully followed by a third who kindly let us travel for free for the final hour of the journey. We're not sure whether it was the dishevelment or the lack of small change in our purses that caused her to take pity on us, but either way we were so very grateful to be met by such kindness so early on in our journey, especially after our first encounter with the GoBus drivers.

After a delicious meal and a much-needed shower, we retired fairly early to bed and of course slept like a log for a solid 10 hours. Much needed, though, because we are starting our second day with a trip to the University of Waterloo for a meeting.

We'll leave you with that cliff hanger and be sure to update in our next post...

Until then! M