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Captain Plastic, Anthony Hill

Over the last few weeks we have really begun to appreciate the importance of networking. We have had countless meetings (some in person, others over the phone but equally as informative) with several individuals who play key roles in helping solve the global plastic problem. We are so grateful to these people for taking the time to share their stories with us and offer us invaluable guidance to help us along our journey.

One of these inspiring individuals is Anthony Hill, AKA Captain Plastic, whose mission is to use education and collaboration to reduce plastic pollution across the globe.

“School is a microcosm where you can make a difference”

Anthony is passionate about starting sustainability education at a young age so as to engage and empower children and allow them to feel capable of making a difference. He visits schools and gives educational presentations on plastic pollution but more importantly, solutions, so that children can learn about sustainable behaviours that can be put to use in both the school and home environment.

He also gives these educational presentations to community groups and businesses to try provide a learning platform that is easy to follow and implement. He understands the need for input from government, communities, businesses and individuals alike and is striving to promote this by increasing awareness surrounding the urgency of plastic pollution. This is something that especially resonated with us as we have learnt more than ever over the last 6 months that collaboration between all sectors of society is key.

What begun as a small-scale project has developed and evolved to what is now a growing social enterprise that is gaining momentum and well-deserved support. Alongside this, Anthony is a key figure in representing the general public and civil society at larger events including the first National plastic summit 2020 held in Canberra.

We had the pleasure of chatting to Anthony over the phone last week and we wanted to share a brief portion of his story in an attempt to spread the word about the awesome work that he is doing. His values are exactly in line with ours and we strongly recommend taking a look at his educational presentations. Anthony mentioned the importance of working together towards a common goal.

"There is no way I would be doing what I'm doing without collaboration."

This is a key point which also truly resonates with us. Working together and sharing ideas, connecting individuals and building partnerships is what can have a huge collective output. If you have the knowledge, then that is one thing that you can share with other people and help them acquire that knowledge and awareness too. The knowledge is out there, so what can you do today to share what you know with people around you, so that they can know better and then consequently, do better.

Anthony is planting seeds of knowledge in the lives of many different people of all ages and backgrounds- including ours! He even gave us some useful advice for pub trivia nights that could help us reach our fundraising target once we are back in Europe!

So thank you, Anthony. Keep up the awesome work and thank you for collaborating 👏🏻