• PLASTIC:Unwrapped

Good bye, Canada. Hello, Panama!

It was with a heavy heart that we said our goodbyes to Canada and our Canadian friends earlier this week. After finishing up our final session with MILKBAGS on Wednesday, we did some sightseeing in Toronto and headed towards Waterloo for our final few days in Canada. Despite needing to work on our final video, we managed to find some time to relax (sleep), do some cooking and a wee bit of hiking before heading to the airport on Tuesday morning.

After a bumpy landing, we made it safely to Panama City on Tuesday afternoon. The last few days have of course been as busy as ever. We got stuck in straight away with our next initiative on Wednesday morning which has been nothing but a joy. LocalinPTY in a community outreach project initiated by a local guy called Victor. He runs a number of workshops in the police station each week for people of all ages to come together, learn English and develop new or improve existing skills. He kindly offered for us to join him in three of these sessions to experience how they work and to share some information on plastic pollution.

The communities we’ve been working within have had a contagious energy and a shared desire to make a change. Whilst it’s not all plastic orientated, there is plenty of discussion surrounding single use items such as the recently banned plastic carrier bag (replaced by biodegradable ones).

So far we have had two afternoon sessions and today we are once again meeting Victor for our final workshop.

More info to follow.