• PLASTIC:Unwrapped

One down, many a more to go!

Woohoo! Our first video is finally done and dusted.

You can check it out under:

Let us know what you think- we would love to hear any feedback that you may have! Editing the video was tedious, as we had so many aspects we wanted to include. Trust us, it's hard when you stumble across so many inspiring individuals!

With our first video uploaded, we are swiftly moving onto making the next one, which features the initiative we are currently working with, MILKBAGSunlimited. Today, we had lots of fun in Stouffville (*Pronounced 'Sto-ville', sadly not 'stuff-ville', as they do have some fantastic stuff going on!), visiting a group that normally meets on a Monday, but made a special exception for us. Although some of the members were unable to make it due to the timetable change, the ladies we met with today were phenomenal. After some weaving, followed by a little talk on what PLASTIC:Unwrapped is, as well as some conversations and reflections on how to reduce plastic waste in our homes, we loaded up a few mats they had made which will be taken to the warehouse in the near future. The mats they made were intricate, woven with exactitude and the bright colours were beyond aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The mats however, are only one output that arises from MILKBAGSunlimited. The colourful mats are an obvious, valuable and tangible product, but there is so much more that happens when making these mats. These mats are made by individuals who gather together on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. In doing so, they strengthen their relationships, they share their stories and experiences, they seek each others' guidance, they laugh, they embrace each others' struggles, they win each other's trust, and underpinning this all, is a growing sense of community and purpose. Being part of something bigger and seeing how your contribution can make a difference is invaluable in giving us a sense of purpose and belonging. So yes, these mats have an environmental value as they keep millions of milk bags out of landfill, they have a tangible value to the recipients across the globe, but they also carry non-materialistic value to those making the mats here in Canada. Just because you cannot see that aspect, doesn't make it less important. In fact, in our ever-increasing reserved, secluded and often lonely society, coming together over a joint weaving project surpasses its materialistic worth.

*I truly hope that today, you too, decide to do something that gives you value, purpose and a sense of belonging to something greater.*