• PLASTIC:Unwrapped

We can confirm: Milkbag mats are incredibly comfortable.

After spending yesterday getting to grips with the milkbag logistics and understanding how to weave them correctly, Day 9 saw us head out to our first weaving groups.

The first was a retirement home about an hour out of Kleinburg where we were met by a gorgeous group of people who get together and weave mats every Wednesday and Saturday. In a mere two years they have made just short of 1000 mats! Which is no surprise given how meticulously they work. They evidently enjoy both the practical side of the activity and the way in which it brings people together to have a natter twice a week.

This was echoed by our second group after lunch who get together once a month at a Church hall to weave mats for a few hours. It was a pleasure to watch how familiar the process was to all involved and how much everybody thrives on a project where you quickly see the output of your efforts (one large mat can be completed in an hour depending on the number involved).

We will share more on exactly how the mats are made and how we have been inspired by this particular project over the coming days as our itinerary is jam-packed for the next week!

It is so nice to be in a home environment yet again where our itinerary is fixed for a short while in between all of the to-ing and fro-ing. So thank you, Angela, for looking after us so well đź’™

And boy oh boy are those mats comfortable!!!